Q. How can I measure an L-shaped room for carpet? What about allowances?

How can I measure an L-shaped room for carpet? What about allowances?

What’s the general rule when adding allowances to the total measurements? Is it better to have a professional do this?






Feb, 2022

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    Measuring the area of the room is one of the initial steps you’ll have to take if you’re planning to have it carpeted. You can use a tape measure when doing this, just bear in mind that it’s better to have another person to help you do the measuring.

    To get started, measure the length and width by placing the tape measure against the wall at one end and extending it to the other end. Once you’ve determined the length and width, multiple the two values to get the area in square metres. When measuring an L-shaped room, the same principles apply, it’s just that you have to measure the room as two separate rooms: the long section and the short section of the L.

    There’s no fixed value when it comes to allowances but to be safe, a lot 5 to 8 centimetres allowance. If you’re working with a professional provider of carpets Tunbridge Wells , their team would be glad to help you make sure you get the right carpet size and fitting. Learn more about them when you visit ChoiceCarpets.co.uk.


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