Q. How can I fix a faded spot in my car’s paint job?

How can I fix a faded spot in my car’s paint job?

Without getting it repainted.






Mar, 2022

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  • anneoliphant

    That question is more complicated than you may think. Whether or not faded paint is “fixable” will depend on the type of paint used on your car, what kind of damage it has through, and the extent of the damage. But as a general rule, for minor faded spots, you can take it to an auto detailing shop, and they’ll handle it for you by applying a chemical to the damaged area and buffing it until it recovers its luster.
    However, if massive areas of your car surface are damaged or if the paint is peeling off, repairing the paint might not be possible. What you can do instead is get a vinyl wrap Denver installed. A vinyl wrap is like a second skin for your car. It’ll hide the faded spots while protecting the surfaces below the wrap, and getting one is often much cheaper and faster than a full paint job. This won’t technically fix the issue, but it can help prevent the paint from fading further, and it’ll make your car look nice on top of that.


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