Q. Should I have an attorney go over my employment contract before signing it?

Should I have an attorney go over my employment contract before signing it?






Mar, 2022

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    Oh yes, absolutely. There are hundreds of different ways an employment contract can cause you trouble down the line if it isn’t worded very carefully. And even if your employment isn’t being malicious about the contract today, if you two get in conflict years from now, your employer will have their legal team go over the contract with a fine comb looking for anything they can use to make the problem go away.

    It’s much safer to have an employee rights lawyer in Los Angelesgo over the contract before you sign it, so you can negotiate better terms before moving forward. Or, should your attorney uncover provisions that are blatantly malicious and/or illegal, you may even decide you’re better off working elsewhere.

    For example, one key component of your employment contract is your job description. And malicious employers may keep that intentionally vague or broad to limit what rights you have access to as an employer, which is both not nice and potentially illegal.


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