Q. What Software is Used to Design the Website?

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What Software is Used to Design the Website?


Figma is a browser-based software that is usually used by UI designers. Because it is browser-based, Figma always updates its features automatically. This web design software has a lot in common with Sketch. However, one of the advantages of Figma is that it has a team collaboration feature, as quoted from 99designs. So, you can work together with your team through Figma. Although relatively new compared to other software options, Figma’s features are no less interesting. In addition, Figma has a vector-based interface which makes it simple and easy to use.


Sketch is one of the best web design software choices. In early 2010, this software won a design award from Apple. Sketch focuses on simplifying the process of creating high-quality mockups. Many designers choose Sketch because it looks neat and intuitive so that it supports the design process easily and quickly. Not only that, Sketch has also added several features related to prototyping and collaboration access. Overall, Sketch is vector-based software. You can still open raster images. However, you can’t edit them in Sketch.


Wix is ​​one of the most popular online website building software today. The software, which was just launched in 2016, has a large collection of attractive templates and widgets. Reporting from TechRadar, there are at least 500 templates that you can use freely. Wix is ​​very easy to use. For those of you who don’t have basic knowledge of coding, Wix is ​​the right choice for you. The reason is, this software does not require coding at all. You can use all the features with a drag-and-drop system. With this software you can do web design without coding.

Bootstrap Studio

This web design software has full features and interactive graphics. In this software, you will find a canvas area, a list of components and features, as well as a section for writing coding. Bootstrap Studio also provides templates and widgets that you can use freely, such as headers, footers, slideshows, spans, and divs. In addition to its fairly complete features, you can also design and develop the Bootstrap framework in Bootstrap Studio. So, you can simultaneously test the website that is being designed. If you want to create a web design but have not mastered coding, you can choose this software.

InVision Studio

InVision Studio is a desktop-based application that is mostly used for prototyping. Overall, InVision Studio has a lot in common with Sketch and Figma. However, this web design software focuses more on making animations in web design prototypes. Interestingly, InVision Studio is directly connected to a cloud-based system, namely InVision Cloud. So, you can save and share your designs via the cloud. InVision Studio also has a Mirror feature. With this feature, you can test the appearance or animation on your smartphone.

Those are some software that you can use to create web designs for free without having to understand coding. By designing a web, it will make it look better and more meaningful. If you need software or other design tools, please visit https://www.kamarupa.co.id/services/graphic-design-promotion-tools






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