Q. How to cancel Virgin Atlantic Flight Ticket?

How to cancel Virgin Atlantic Flight Ticket?

To cancel Virgin Atlantic Flight Ticket online, please follow these steps:
1. Visit www.virginatlantic.com
2. Go to the ‘My Bookings’ section and enter the 6-digit airline confirmation number including the passenger’s last name. If you do not have a reservation number, you can start with 932 and enter your 13-digit e-ticket number.
3. Always ensure that the details you enter in the ‘My Booking’ section exactly match your Virgin Atlantic flight booking details.
4. Select the reservation you want to cancel and click the ‘Cancel’ button.
5. All possible refunds will appear on the screen prior to requesting Virgin Atlantic cancellation confirmation.
6. When cancellation is complete, you will receive a cancellation receipt by registered email.

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May, 2022

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