Q. How to Make Video Intro | Sync Text to the Beat?

How to Make Video Intro | Sync Text to the Beat?

Hi, In this video, you’ll learn how to make a video intro in AceMovi. We’ll introduce how to sync the text to the beat, making the text appear with the beat randomly.
This effect can create a sense of mystery in your video intro, strong beat rhythm and visual stimulation can make the audience excited and curious about your video. Let’s do it with AceMovi!
If you want to know about these video editor tutorials, check this: https://www.youtube.com/c/AceMoviVid...

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May, 2022

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“What’s on your mind?’’ – The question you first see whenever you open your Facebook account. You post and share anything you want; find the best quotes for the photos you upload. Aside from Facebook, there are Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler, Blogs, and all the social media platforms you use to connect to people around the world. Social Media is now used to advertise, sell, or to be popular. It doesn’t only connect all people around the world but it also helps people express themselves and show their interests around the globe.

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