Q. What are the drawbacks of cryptocurrency?

What are the drawbacks of cryptocurrency?

I’m thinking about starting a cryptocurrency business. I read a lot of information and read about how cool it is. But I think there are a lot of disadvantages because the currency is not stable. What do you think about it?






May, 2022

  • james52

    Interesting information, thank you!


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  • zizehennings

    I’m sure there are downsides to everything, especially investments. Because you can lose some money because of the wrong business strategy. So you can lose in cryptocurrency on the exchange rate.


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  • markbartra

    I like exploring the world of cryptocurrency. I want to make a lot of money from it in the future. But you have to understand that you have to study information carefully and analyze what will be useful to you. I found an article about drawbacks buying a real estate with cryptocurrency. Because cryptocurrency is not stable, you can count on one sum and it will be different in a day. I would like to invest in business with cryptocurrency. But like any investment it is a complicated process which takes a lot of time and effort.


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One among the 700 other, is the bitcoin, which was the first ever of its type. Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency that is not regulated by the government. Cryptocurrency is a market that is nearly a decade old and in its early stage. There can be many benefits of using a cryptocurrency but along with that comes the risk involved, that one must not forget to consider. It is believed, "like the internet, bitcoin will change the way people interact and do business around the world".

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