Q. How to download Spotify to mp3?

How to download Spotify to mp3?

Hey everybody,

currently I’m comparing some Spotify Recorder to extract and convert my entire playlists into mp3-files.
Because I would like to save them on CD for listen in my car.
Already found a software, which makes a good impression and could suits me, because a lot of stuff works automatically without processing after.
Its called AudFree Spotify Donwloader.
The problem is, that it is’t freeware, so I have to pay. Before I would like to hear, if someone already gained experience and could give me some advice?

Thanks for help!

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Aug, 2022

2 Answers
  • jesscooper

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  • annhide123

    Try the best music player for mac. An important advantage of this player is the possibility of flexible settings - you can adjust everything as comfortably as possible and use it in the future. For example, I watch foreign series in the original and watch them with subtitles - here I can adjust everything to suit me (color, font size and so on).


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