Q. Installing solar panels in a private home?

Installing solar panels in a private home?

Installing solar panels on the roof is a complex task, because you need not just to fix the batteries on the roof, but also to properly connect them and assemble them into one system. Any tips on how to do this?






Aug, 2022

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  • maxxx17

    You always check which mounting kits the builders will use. Avoid homemade because branded mounting kits are carefully calculated by the manufacturers and, most importantly, tested. That’s why they can withstand storm winds and heavy snow weight with no problem, which is not the case with homemade brackets and laths.


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  • karlharrow

    Therefore, installation should be carried out by specialists. In this case, the preparatory stage of work is the responsibility of the homeowner. Check Jinko solar panels review to see which panels you need to start with. At the preparatory stage, you must assess the condition of the roof. Installing solar panels on the house makes major repairs to the roof very expensive, so you must be sure that the roof will last at least another 25 years. If you have any doubts about this, it is better to re-shingle the roofing.


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