Q. How do I download anything from a torrent?

How do I download anything from a torrent?

Hello forum members. I’ve never used torrent before, but I need to download a file that is only available there quickly now. Can you tell me how to download it?






Aug, 2022

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  • maxxx17

    It’s not hard to download. You just search for your file in the search engine and if you have already downloaded a torrent client, it will do everything you need. You will only have to install it.


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  • karlharrow

    You can find the file you need on a free torrent tracker and for that you can Click to visit pirate bay and there are a great many of them on the Internet. It is best to choose one that does not require registration before downloading. In addition, you can install the Torrent program if you want to download files directly to your computer. Let me explain how the download is performed, which is to find the file you need on the tracker, you download it to your computer. It is an identifier, which carries information about the main file. Its size is very small and it is downloaded to your computer within a minute.


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