Q. Fetishist clothing has become a major fashion trend?

Fetishist clothing has become a major fashion trend?

How do you feel about the trappings of bdsm?






Sep, 2022

  • morganlee

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  • seobhao201

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  • saleem

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  • amilebills

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  • bryanrogers

    Fetishist clothing, which is typically associated with BDSM culture, has not become a major fashion trend in the mainstream fashion industry. While there may be some niche markets or subcultures where fetishist clothing is popular, it is not considered a top wholesale fashion trends in the broader retail market.

    Fashion trends are typically determined by consumer demand and influenced by cultural and social factors. While some elements of fetishist clothing, such as leather and metal hardware, may be incorporated into mainstream fashion designs, the overall aesthetic and concept of fetishist clothing remains a niche style.

    That being said, it is important to note that fashion is constantly evolving and trends can shift quickly. It is possible that fetishist clothing could become more mainstream in the future, but for now, it is not considered a top wholesale fashion trend. Retailers looking to stock up on popular fashion trends should focus on more widely recognized styles, such as athleisure, animal prints, bold colors, oversized blazers, and cropped tops, as mentioned in the previous answer.


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  • lolalo

    Secondly, the techno fashion is simply pushing its boundaries. The world has long been crazy about the aesthetics of the squat, the underground, the Berlin atmosphere, raves and the energy of young people at these raves. Hence Bottega Veneta’s private show in Berghain, Rick Owens’ million-dollar profits and the enduring popularity of avant-garde and deconstructivism. And BDSM is one variation on how to dress for this techno.


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  • ll3045326

    I have two theories about the return of fetishistic clothing to fashion. Firstly, in my opinion, all those leather Kardashian masks and Kanye West’s head stockings are not BDSM, but rather a flirtation by Balenciaga, Richard Quinn and other brands with anonymity, which was more evident in the background of the pandemic. Incognito in fashion has been talked about for a long time. Designer anonymity, digital anonymity have been discussed, and now it’s time to talk about celebrity anonymity. Can a celebrity remain recognizable without a face, and what does the pandemic have to do with it? Of course, it’s about the masks that hide the faces of not only stars, but people in general around the world. I, for example, order such accessories here https://obsessharness.com/bondage-ha... .


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