Q. What are some good tips for someone looking to start a restaurant?

What are some good tips for someone looking to start a restaurant?






Sep, 2022

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  • richardthammett

    Well, my main piece of advice is to treat it as a business. I’ve seen a lot of friends start restaurants and bars because doing so is a long-time dream of theirs. And it is good to be passionate about any project. But if the business side of things is not your strong suit, you should partner up with someone who is good at that part because money is ultimately what keeps the lights on and the staff paid.

    Another piece of advice is to plan the floor space of the restaurant and the kitchen very carefully. Particularly the kitchen. Designing a great restaurant kitchen is a complex task, which is why shopfitters London companies like http://ultimatecontractorsltd.co.uk/ exist. If you can’t hire a professional to help you lay out the floor plan, make sure you work with your cook staff to create a layout that will facilitate their job rather than get in the way.


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