Q. How can I keep mold from growing in my basement?

How can I keep mold from growing in my basement?






Oct, 2022

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  • klaudiapunctus

    The best method to prevent mold growth is to control the humidity in your basement. Mold likes to grow in dark and humid environments; if there isn’t enough humidity in the air, the fungus won’t be able to take hold and grow.
    As to how you can control the humidity, that depends on what’s causing it. Leaky pipes can add a lot of humidity to a basement, for example. Water may also infiltrate the basement from the soil that surrounds it, at which point you’ll need the help of a damp specialists Kent to waterproof your basement, as the JH Garlick homepage explains.
    If you already have some serious mold growth in your basement, it’s also important to remove it using mold removal products. That will kill the spores and prevent them from spreading further. Just make sure to wear a mask and gloves whenever dealing with mold; the spores they release are not great for your health.


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