Q. What is the Senious Discount At Southwest Airlines?

What is the Senious Discount At Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines is one of the known airlines in the United States, which operates its flights in all the countries of the North American subcontinent. Also, the Caribbean and Latin American nations are the destinations of Southwest Airlines flights. If you have a senior citizen with you on your journey, you must expect some liabilities. Get some most important information for the seniors who are traveling with Southwest Airlines.

Policies and perks for senior customers of Southwest Airlines.
Seniors are people who are 65 or more years old.
You may obtain discounts on ticket purchases under the senior citizen category.
If you apply for medical assistance, then you can request it from the airline while booking your trip.
* You can also get a wheelchair facility for the senior person from Southwest Airlines. A wheelchair will be provided to you at the airport, and your personal chair will be checked in with your baggage. Then you have to return the airline’s wheelchair to the destination point after receiving your personal one.

Book a fight for the senior traveler

Through the website:- It is not much different from ordinary booking. You have to choose some additional options only to get the particular benefits for a senior traveler. Get the steps to obtain those options:-
Get on the website of Southwest Airlines by web link.
Click on the “Book” icon and fill in your trip information. 
Type of trip, departure and destination points, dates and payment, low fare calendar.
Before payment, you will get the option “senior passenger”, select it and attach the documents for proving age and confirm your booking.
* Then show the age related documents at the time of boarding.

Contact the support team for more information.
Through phone:- You may get through the airline’s customer support team and get the knowledge of the benefits and assistance services for senior passengers. Obtain this facility by dialing the phone number of Southwest Airlines helpdesk:-

  • Hang on to the airline’s web portal and visit the contact information page.
  • Pick the number of your particular state or country.
  • Make a call and get connected with the live agent of the airline.
  • Receive all the relevant information and then proceed to travel according to it.

The information on booking, policies, and how old is senior fare on Southwest airlines? Is covered. Please, go through every paragraph, and in case of confusion, you may get in touch with the airline using its social media handles.






Nov, 2022

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