Q. Do you have to check in online with Air France?

Do you have to check in online with Air France?

Check-in for a scheduled flight is the most relevant part of the journey with an airline. Suppose you have an Air France flight scheduled; you must be aware of the different check-in modes for a hassle-free time at the airport and smooth boarding of the Air France flight.

Air France encourages customers traveling with the airline for an Online check-in that opens up 30 hours before the flight’s departure. But you can go for other ways of check-in as well. Online check-in is the most convenient and suitable way, as you receive the boarding pass and can print the same.

Air France conditions for online check-in:

• You can check in online if traveling solo or on a group booking.
• You can check in online whether you are traveling with or without baggage.
• If you have purchased a flexible ticket, you can check in on any flight to your destination according to your convenience, provided there are seats available on the flight.
• You can check in for Air France flights only; no other airline ticket can be checked in for partner airlines can be done through the Air France website.
• You cannot check-in online if traveling with a pet.
• You have a connecting flight, and you will change airports during the journey.
• If you have booked an additional seat on an Air France flight.

Process for online check-in:

You can try to do an Air France check-in online for a scheduled flight 30 hours before the departure in the way explained below:

• Reach the Air France official website or download the Air France app on your mobile device.
• Click on the check-in tab on the homepage
• Choose the online check-in option
• Either sign in to your Air France account or enter your ticket number, last name, and flight number
• Click on the register tab
• After completing the online check-in process, you can select the desired seat on the scheduled flight.
• You will receive the boarding pass by email and get a printout of the same.

If you decide to do the online check-in, you can avoid waiting in the queue at the airport to collect your boarding pass.

Mobile check-in:
If you download the Air France app on your mobile phone, you can log in to your account and complete the check-in procedure anytime 30 hours before the scheduled flight.
In case you are unable to do an online or mobile check-in in the mentioned process, you must reach the airport 3 - 4 hours before the Air France flight and go for the following:

Airport check-in:Walk up to an Air France counter at the airport, get into the queue and wait for your turn for check-in and collect the boarding pass. This process is usually time-consuming and inconvenient, especially for passengers who are senior citizens or traveling with infants.

Kiosk check-in:a good option for a quick check-in. Reach an Air France kiosk and follow the directions appearing on the screen for a check-in. You can also select your preferred seat with kiosk check-in.

To know about Air France online check-in and other ways, please refer to the above explanations and connect with Air France customer service for more information.

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