Q. What Is Modafinil?


What Is Modafinil?

It is commonly known that the drug modafinil promotes and enhances wakefulness, or that it is a “eugeroic.”
Modafinil is a medication used in the medical field to treat three medical conditions by reducing excessive daytime sleepiness:
• Narcolepsy
• Snoring that is obstructed; shiftwork sleep disorder;
Modafinil, a nootropic or “smart drug,” is most frequently used as a cognition enhancer off-label. In fact, 90% of all Modafinil prescriptions given off-label are for depressive disorders, tiredness, and general drowsiness. It is used by millions of professionals throughout the world who work in industries that are highly competitive and rely heavily on good production and performance.
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Dec, 2022

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