Q. Am I allowed to take photos after a car accident?

Am I allowed to take photos after a car accident?






Dec, 2022

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    As a general rule, the answer is yes, you are. Here in the US, you are allowed to document the scene of the accident using your phone or any other camera you have on you. And chances are that if you decide to hire a car accident attorney El Centro to get compensation for the accident, having your own photos of the accident may prove useful.

    The police will likely take their own photos of the accident, and they’ll describe the scene in their police report. But even the most careful police photographers can miss certain details. On top of that, depending on how backlogged your local police department is, you may not have access to the official photos right away, which can slow down your claim.

    So yes, you can and should take your own photos. Make sure to take photos of any damage suffered by both vehicles, any marks left on the road, and any damage to the surrounding property caused by the accident. If you or any of your passengers were injured, your priority should be getting medical attention. But after that’s sorted, it’s also a good idea to take photos of the injuries.


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