Q. Best Free Tool to Download Video?

Best Free Tool to Download Video?

Quite a few online YouTube downloader websites will come into sight on the page if you search for ” all video downloader” on Google. But most of them either have poor output quality, sometimes corrupt downloads, or work for a while, then disappear suddenly and permanently for some reason. The search results on Google about “download YouTube video” are always changing. For the sake of getting more accurate and high-quality YouTube videos, you are advised to try some free yet stable YouTube video downloading apps, rather than those online services.
Keep reading the following text, you will get a definitely efficient and stable YouTube video downloader to download all your favorite video from YouTube for playback offline. Also, if you’re interested in saving music from YouTube for free, the program can give a hand as well.
The smart tool mentioned above is called YouTube Video Downloader, the new member of the family but a freeware. With no ad traps, no bundled program, and no extra fee, this program is devoted to helping you download videos and music from YouTube for free.
It is worth mentioning that it comes equipped with an advanced searching mechanism, which enables users to add videos by copying & pasting the link from YouTube or entering the keywords of videos. What’s more, YouTube Video Downloader also provides the options to select the video quality ranging from Low to High in the setting window. With the help of this free tool, you can save YouTube videos as HD MP4/MKV files with ease.
Features of YouTube Video Downloader:
Download any video from YouTube for Free.
Support downloading music from YouTube.
Best video quality, fast speed.
User-friendly and intuitive interface, easy-to-use.
No bundled program or extra fee
1. Tips about The Video Quality and Format
Video Quality:all video downloader can grab videos up to 8K (4320P) in quality. Of course, the quality option is dependent on that of the original uploaded video. If the video was recorded and uploaded in standard definition, it won’t be available to download in high definition. And please note that, larger resolution videos will dramatically increase file size and then extend the download time.
Format: The most common format of YouTube video is MP4 with AAC audio codec. Vidler will help you download videos from multiple sources. It is easy to use and lets you save videos in high quality on PC, Android and other devices. Try Now! definitely supports downloading the video in MP4 format and extracting audio in AAC format. Plus, video format “MKV” and audio format “WebM” are both supported.
Vidloder will help you download videos from multiple sources. It is easy to use and lets you save videos in high quality on PC, Android and other devices. Try Now! Visit Official Website

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