Q. My child hates maths, what can I do to change their mind?


My child hates maths, what can I do to change their mind?






Dec, 2022

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    It is understandable that you want to help your child out and make maths less of a hurdle for them. Maths can be daunting, but with dedication, focus and creativity it can also be a great source of joy! Here are some ideas on how to inspire your child to succeed in maths and Click Hhttps://lead-academy.org/blog/difference-between-maths-and-further-maths/ere:

    1. Focus on the Big Picture – Explain why maths is important and show them real-life applications of math concepts. Showing your child the big picture helps build their understanding of why this subject matters and how it relates to our everyday lives.

    2. Take Learning at Their Own Pace – Letting kids go through lessons at their own speed gives them more time to absorb the material without feeling overwhelmed or under pressure from grading systems or their peers’ progress.

    3. Challenge Them– To keep interest alive, give your child challenging problems that will require deep thinking and exploration so they won’t get bored with repetition drill practice alone. When they solve these difficult questions, celebrate the successes!

    4. Work on Problem Areas Together– Identify areas where they are struggling and work together as much as possible when trying to understand topics they find particularly difficult; a little guidance can go a long way in helping children develop an understanding of complex topics such as algebra or calculus while increasing good study habits early on that they’ll carry with them later in life too!

    5 Make Maths Fun & Playful – Use flashcards games like matchsticks; play sudoku puzzles; assist each other along during video game sessions–these activities allow family members interact with math skills in different contexts which encourages positive attitudes towards learning mathematics effectively without drilling specific equations all night long…


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"Grades don't define you". You can be an engineer or a chemist and work in a university as a professor. In that case, you don't need to be a full-time teacher. Basically, teaching is imparting knowledge to an individual or to a group of learners of a specific subject. "Grades don't define you" is a famous quote for people who graduated with low remarks, yet excelling in the professional world. Teaching goes with passion and creativity. The learner's interest in learning the subject depends on how you present the topics to him. Most, if not all are unaware of it. As learning should be fun, so is teaching.

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