Q. What do you think is the most important service a market research agency can offer my business?

What do you think is the most important service a market research agency can offer my business?






Jan, 2023

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  • velmaloydu

    Het versturen van een incassomachtiging is een belangrijke stap in het proces om schulden te laten innen. Door specifieke incassanten aan te wijzen, wordt ervoor gezorgd dat klanten weten wie contact met hen mag opnemen en welke informatie zij mogen vrijgeven. Het dient ook als bewijs dat een incassobureau legaal toegang heeft gekregen tot de rekening en gegevens van de klant, waardoor beide partijen worden beschermd tegen frauduleuze claims of verzoeken. Als zodanig spelen incassomachtigingen een belangrijke rol bij de bescherming van de financiële zekerheid en gemoedsrust van klanten. Incassomachtiging aanvragen bij je bank


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  • mason85

    Market research companies offer a lot of services that I think are invaluable for any business. From customer research to identify what is trending in any market at a particular moment, insight activation for visualization, and activities aimed at understanding nuances and peculiarities that can be used to push a product, I believe any business could do with pretty much all the services you’ll get from market research companies.

    That said, if I had to pick a singular service that I think is overlooked and absolutely crucial, I’d say it is the fieldwork services. What exactly is a fieldwork service, you ask? Well, a fieldwork service is simply an activity wherein people are sent “to the field” to acquire data and information regarding a particular market.

    Fieldwork can be online or offline, but regardless of where it is, for many businesses, fieldwork is always a hassle. Not many are inclined to go out and interact with people in a very specific way to acquire certain data and information. What’s more, even fewer people have the necessary skills to do this.

    With a market research company, however, you’d be guaranteed professionals with years of experience doing fieldwork both online and offline. These people have an in-depth knowledge of all the techniques and methodologies to obtain the right Information.

    For instance, with Kadence market research, businesses get to acquire a deeper understanding of their markets through interviews, panels, surveys, central location testing, and even neuroscience and sensory research.

    I believe this aspect of market research is the one in need of a market research company because while business owners can choose to carry out certain tasks on their own, they can rarely do this by themselves and get the same results.


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