Q. I have a bad video player and can't watch all video formats?

I have a bad video player and can't watch all video formats?

My job is to watch videos and choose the best ones. But lately, I come across videos in MKV format that I can’t watch on my MacBook, my video player doesn’t work well. How is it easy to open such video formats?






Feb, 2023

  • amilebills

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  • maxxx17

    When problems arise at work, the mood disappears and you want to quit everything. Well, I hope you can solve your problem.


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  • karlharrow

    I hate when I have problems with my work like you do with opening a video. When a problem arises, I get nervous and worried that I won’t make it. So I don’t envy you, but in general, I personally don’t know how to play such video formats, but you can look here: link. But I think you should just download a video player. Just get rid of the old one and find a new one, it almost always helps. It’s like with the phone, if the old phone doesn’t do the job anymore, you just buy a new one.


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