Q. Why is Redmane Castle so hard to pass in Elden Ring?

Why is Redmane Castle so hard to pass in Elden Ring?

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Feb, 2023

2 Answers
  • morganlee

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  • klaudiapunctus

    Many people find it challenging to navigate Redmane Castle, thanks to the uniqueness of the location, the robustness of the task, and many other reasons.
    For what it’s worth, completing this aspect of the game doesn’t necessarily have to be that hard. It is possible to complete it by taking your time and concentrating on various points that you’re actually in at that moment instead of worrying about what’s to come.
    Additionally, there are various Elden Ring Redmane Castle walkthrough guides out there that can help make things go very smoothly. There are written guides that explain everything in detail and also video guides that just show you what to do.
    Personally, I prefer the written guides such as the ones on https://www.gameressential.com as it gives me everything I need without making it feel too easy. That way, I still get to enjoy the feeling of solving the puzzle myself.


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