Q. How can I cancel Singapore flight?

How can I cancel Singapore flight?

Singapore Airlines has a precise cancellation policy and process for passengers to cancel their tickets conveniently. If you have a confirmed ticket on Singapore airlines, and owing to an unavoidable reason, you have to cancel the trip, please get acquainted with the cancellation policy and procedure in the segment below.

Singapore Airlines cancellation policy:
• If you cancel the ticket on the same day of booking, no cancellation fees will be charged.
• You can only cancel the tickets online if you have purchased the tickets directly from the Singapore Airlines website.
• No cancellation charges will be payable if the ticket is canceled at Singapore Airlines’ fault.
• If the ticket is canceled after the risk-free period, cancellation charges may apply depending on the time and class of the ticket.
• All cancellations can be made in accordance with the terms and conditions of Singapore Airlines.

Online cancellation: To cancel a Singapore flight ticket, you can follow a simple online process and get instant confirmation. Just go through the consecutive steps and cancel the ticket:
• Reach the official website of Singapore Airlines at singaporeair.com
• Click on “Manage Booking”
• Enter the six digit booking reference number and the passenger’s last name
• Retrieve the complete booking information on the screen
• Select the ticket cancellation option from the list
• Follow the further instructions
• Pay the cancellation fees, if required
• You will instantly get a message on the cancellation of the bookings.
• Simultaneously you can fill up the refund form after the ticket cancellation is confirmed.
It is essential to mention that if you download the Singapore airlines app on your phone and sign in with email, you can also access the online cancellation from the phone.

Call to cancel the tickets: Assuming you have other queries related to the cancellation and refund or new bookings, you can call Singapore Airlines phone number and get the required assistance.
• Then Choose the language for communication with IVR instructions
• Select the option to connect with a Singapore Airlines person for assistance
• Share your booking details with the person
• Pay the cancellation fees, and give the payment details for verification
• The customer service person will instantly cancel the tickets and update you on the refund status.

Cancel at the Airport: Suppose you have arrived at the airport and you are unable to board the flight. The Singapore Airlines flight ticket can be canceled immediately at the airport desk with the assistance of the staff.

Hence to cancel the tickets and talk to Someone on Singapore Airlines, please refer to the above discussed cancellation policy and process.

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