Q. How often do you order something online?

How often do you order something online?

I decided to order a game console as a gift for myself. But I’m not sure that it will be of high quality. I have no confidence in online stores, because I won’t be able to check everything to make sure it works. So I have my doubts. I have feedback from the seller. But I am still worried.






Feb, 2023

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  • markbartra

    I often buy things for myself online. I have found a proven option for myself and constantly buy only there.


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  • karlharrow

    Hello, friend. I decided to create my own online store in the sphere of game consoles. I have a lot of ideas how to make my store quality and customer-friendly. I would like to ask the user. Are you more comfortable with feedback via phone call or correspondence? Since I’m thinking about the best way to do it. I was advised to use a text messaging app from Usechalkboard.com to automate my processes. I think this app will come in handy for me. I would be grateful for your opinions.


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