Q. What is the difference between Epoxy And Urethane?

What is the difference between Epoxy And Urethane?

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Mar, 2023

  • morganlee

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  • saleem

    Epoxy flooring provides a valuable layer of coating, protection, and display for your floor. Whether you have tile, concrete, or some other hardened surface, an Epoxy Flooring Service will provide protection and promotion for your floor. With this industrial flooring service, you can also expect an increased amount of light in your facility, helping to promote your product or service.


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  • brendadvans

    Both substances are thermosetting polymers widely used in coating industrial floorings such as food and pharmaceuticals to comply with FDA regulations.

    Epoxy binds tightly to floors, giving them a durable and shock-resistant coating. Epoxy is the coating of choice for floors constantly subjected to machinery impact or heavy traffic. Epoxy is also more resistant to chemicals than urethane. If your floors are always at risk for acid or base chemical spills, then epoxy is the clear winner.

    Meanwhile, urethane beats epoxy in UV and heat resistance, making it the clear choice for floors that are exposed to direct sunlight. It also tends to cure more quickly than epoxy, albeit by a small margin.

    Both options provide floors with a shiny appearance, but epoxy still wins in the aesthetics department. While urethane also comes in plenty of colors, there is a myriad of designs to play with using epoxy. For instance, you can give your floors more dimension by adding metallic particles. To check out samples of what metallic epoxy flooring looks like, visit https://www.staintech.com/metallic-e....


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