Q. How to Contact Google Photos Support?


How to Contact Google Photos Support?

Google Photos is one of the best services of Google where any users can upload, share & download their photos or videos without any cost. But, occasionally users experience some difficulties or issues with their Google Photos account. if you are one of them and looking for any instant assistance so just follow the below-given instructions and learn how to Contact Google Photos Support.
Steps to Contact Google Photos Support by Phone:
• First of all, you need to open the desired web browser and type the URL www.support.google.com in the search bar.
• After visiting the Google support page, just choose the Google Photos icon from the presented list.
• Next, go to the footer of the page & pick the Contact Us option.
• Now, describe your difficulties with a few words & hit on the Next Steps.
• Finally, dial the customer service helpline number &b speak with Google Photos support representative.
• Over the call, you can share your concern or issue related to your Google Photos account & get the best possible help from the talented and proficient Google Photos customer representative.
Follow the IVR Auto Voice Response Menu:
• Dial the customer service helpline number.
• After connecting your call, you have to choose the desired language by pressing 1.
• Press 2 to Help against Google Photos account recovery or resetting.
• Press 3 Assistance for the Google Photos account hacked or blocked issue.
• Press 4 Resolve trash or photo recovery problem.
• Press 5 to speak with a Google Photos Support representative.

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May, 2023

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