Q. Should I Stay In A Hotel In Glasgow?

Should I Stay In A Hotel In Glasgow?

I Am Here On Holiday






Jan, 2024

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  • carlodaley

    My advice would be to ignore the hotels in the city. Most of them are good but very expensive. Instead, I recommend looking to get your bit of personal space. There are many holiday cottages near Glasgow that you could hire – great cottages that are very easy to stay in and get you set up for the weekend. However, I would also say that you should probably think about travel.
    For example, a holiday cottage will likely be more out of the way in or near Glasgow, so look at transport. Can you use public and private transport, or are you better off renting a car to get around that way?
    Please research, but Glasgow hotels are not worth the money you pay. Hotels are often quite expensive, noisy, and right in the city centre.


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