Q. What is the difference between ux/ui designer and a software engineer?

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What is the difference between ux/ui designer and a software engineer?

as the work of them both is nearly similar, why are there two catagories of developers ?






Feb, 2018

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  • matthew_markham

    A UI/UX designer just makes wire frames that are not coded to be dynamic. They make the frames of the website so the software engineers, in this case, front-end engineers, can encode. UI/UX designers will sometimes be able to code the wireframes they design, which would make them a type of front end engineer.


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  • dofyh

    Engineering is a branch of pre engineering and the software are affiliated with the enginnering branch of this sector. The question here is about the difference between the designer and software engineer at thesis writing service australia with the multi style of answering situation with the resistibility.


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  • verytrader

    Hi there!

    Web Design, User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are not necessarily mutually exclusive functions. But, for the sake of convenience, we shall draw a clear distinction between the three.

    Web designers are typically experts in conceptualising creative concepts, typography, colour theory, icon development, infographics and interactivity elements. With cursory knowledge of information architecture, HTML and JavaScript coding, web designers can work on the client’s brand and build a visual digital experience for the end user. A web designer’s profile demands sound knowledge of graphic design, interface design, navigation design, page architecture and photoshop/illustrator.

    While on the other hand UX/UI designers are those specialists who work on the user’s experience and interface with the particular product. UX designers are involved in conducting extensive user research, formulating an information architecture and creating user profiles and stories to gauge the product’s success/failure. Put plainly, UI design is all about breaking down complex structures into simple comprehensible formats for the end user’s convenience. Therefore, both UX/UI and web designers work towards providing an enjoyable and effective experience to the user.

    For smaller projects, a web-designer may don multiple hats and work on various aspects of web-design, including UX and UI. However, on more complex projects, for example, gaming websites, specialists are hired to structure, evaluate and optimise the user interface and the overall user experience.


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  • asterix

    A UX (user experience) designer ‘plans’ how a website product should work and be experienced. A software Engineer ‘builds’ or ‘achitects’ the product so that it meets the needs laid out by the UX designer.
    A UX designer asks what the users needs are, and delivers what is the most intuitive and productive way to deliver those needs.
    A software Engineer takes that vision, and finds the most maintainable and stable system that will deliver that vision.


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  • kiaazad

    UI is the face of a program. UX is the exprience that users have with the program.
    it is possible to design a bad UI that leaves the users confused or frustrated, UX is forseeing those confusions or frustrations and pervent it by suggesting changes while designing the UI.


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