Q. How is the hanging pillar possible in one of the indian temples?

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How is the hanging pillar possible in one of the indian temples?

i was shocked when i saw it, how is it even possible ??????






Feb, 2018

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  • awad7

    The only explaination for this is that the pillar is fixed to the above construction. Considering this is the only hanging pillar, the other pillars carry it’s weight. So the pillar on itself has no use other than for aesthetical reasons.


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  • natorres

    Qurito is the accessible sense of making the touch with the related kind of the guidance with the motion. The question here has been arisen in the Assignment Masters in which the hanging pillar of possible Indian temples has been the talk of the town with the different interventions.


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  • kiaazad

    if I’m not mistaking, I can see a point of contact,. or is it some dirt or dust collected under it?
    the weight of the pillar can be carried on a small point of contact and there’s no need for all of the points in both stones to touch to support the weight of the pillar. unless it’s designed to be hanging from the top I see no other way how it can be hanging.
    pretty interesting either way.


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