Q. Is abortion an option?

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Is abortion an option?

Jasmine was raised in a traditional and a religious family whose both parents are missionaries. As a youngster, she became impulsive and weak. As young as seventeen, she fell in love. Her first sexual experience lead to her unplanned conceiving of a baby. Her boyfriend was nowhere to be found the day after she told him. She does not want to fail her family but the baby inside her is growing. She knows that her unplanned pregnancy is a disppointment to her family, a shame and a disgrace. She now thinks of abortion. She thinks that her family will no longer be disappointed, she will not be the talk of the town and will lead her to a brighter future . But, she thinks that this act shall make her rot in hell.






Apr, 2018

  • pillsonlinerx

    Yes, medical abortion is the safest and easiest option for women who are scared of surgery. If a woman is facing an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy then she can choose medical abortion as it has many benefits such as it gives privacy and secondly it is very affordable.


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  • money

    the best 500$ you’ll ever spend.


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  • kiaazad

    I would suggest ditching the religion, but abortion is the next best option, better yet, do both.
    it’s nothing more than cutting out an unwanted tumor.


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  • jessajoy17

    In my opinion abortion should only be allowed if the pregnancy puts the life of the mother in grave danger.


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