Q. When was the time science bought revolution in the world?

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When was the time science bought revolution in the world?






Jan, 2018

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  • julian

    Science has been bringing revolutions time and again.
    It cannot be a single invention or discovery that can bring revolution but a series of events that can bring change in the way the world functions.
    We finally remember only the big discoveries like the gravitational force, internet, computers, or the aeroplanes but every tiny step that we took to make this world a better place to stay is a part of the revolution that science has brought.


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  • kirti

    hmm, there isnt any specific time where science bought revolution in this world, science and technology has always been the key source of developing world in every way. Inventions and discoveries on things in ancient centuries like creating weapons untill today where we can create a whole new virtual world by just sitting at our home is science. but yes, there are things like inventing first airplane, first boat, first car, were the time where we can say science and technology bought revolution in this world.

    The unforgetable time when science and technology were really appriciated was the time when apollo 11 mission successfully accomplished carrying man on moon and safely bringing them home.


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Few years back, you may have imagined about robots dominating the world; a miniature helicopter capturing photos; or living in Mars. Imagination goes well with creation. We’re on our way. For hundreds of years, science has been doing studies and giving explanations to occurrences that go beyond the human imagination and understanding. Thus, theories are created.
For hundreds of years, technology has been doing a great job in industrialising the world. You step in the land of the first world countries and see for yourself how lifestyle has been advancing. Yet, theory is a theory until it’s proven; technology remains limited. You might wake up one day and see that sci-fi turns into reality. However, what happens next when the clock ticks to ‘Midnight’ and doomsday is for the universe?

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