Q. What is the best way to learn something new?

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What is the best way to learn something new?

I was trying to figure out some strategies to learn new stuff easily. Any suggestions?






Mar, 2018

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  • keith

    The best way to learn anything is among the methods below:
    - Creat an outline of what it is you wish to learn and start breaking it down into little components
    - Have passion for what it is you wish to learn
    - Thirst for the knowledge
    - Read as much about it as possible
    - Watch and listen to videos on the subject matter
    - Meet someone or others that you can read, watch, discuss, and listen to the subject matter with
    - Research experts in the field
    - DO what it is that you wish to learn
    - DO it over and over again (Don’t worry about failure… try try try again) “Practice” Safely of course
    - Compete iwth others to know more about what it is you wish to learn

    Note: Mainly involve all of your senses to learn the best. Hearing, Seeing, Feeling, Tasting, Thinking....


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  • andrianagor

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  • cryptolady

    Usually I write it many times or I draw it with colors :) like a child but it works with my picture memory :)


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  • taniya

    The best way in my opinion is to read with conscious mind. Flood your brain with knowledge. Only by reading and understanding to the fullest you can learn something new.
    The mantra to learn something new is:READ, UNDERSTAND, PRACTICE AND IMPROVICE.


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  • pearljam

    Firstly, tried to find out honest reply of that....

    Why is it required to learn,to understand , to remember, to focus for me ???

    What happened , or what difficulties I will’ve to chase if I fail or delay to understand or learn it ????

    If it could impact me larger, or deeper .............How much i would’ve to pay ???

    Now, u ..the only inspiration of yourself…and will get best way to learn something new.


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  • fernie305

    If you know what kindles your interest, this must be easy. If you happen to like listening to music, take the interest a notch higher. Create or play some. Learning how to play the ukulele (it is so easy) would be a new hobby that shall not only unleash the creative you but this can also become your happy pill. Tutorial videos flood on YouTube. Learning a new hobby shall make you happy.


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  • readkr

    The same answer.. Is google and internet.


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  • clivehayes

    The old way the learn was through repetition, which I always thought was effective, especially in school at a young age, but quiet boring and ......repetitive!


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  • rahul

    The Best way to learn is to explore your knowledge and your skills in a field ,in which individual likes . This will give a tremendous results in Life with a new Innovative manners and it also boostup your life.


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