Q. How can i learn to swim?

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How can i learn to swim?

I was trying to figure out ways to learn to swim. Any suggestions?






Apr, 2018

Accepted Answer
  • julian

    Tutorials, books and all other theoretical knowledge are just at the beginning; only water can teach you how to swim.
    No book can do that until you get into the water and start making efforts.
    You might need some personal guidance for knowing the tips and tricks when you start then you will be fine once you know how to float.
    Because then you will not have the fear of drowning, which will solve half of your problems.


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  • juraj

    Very intristing ist Total Immersion - Terry Laughlin http://www.totalimmersion.net/about-terry-laughlin


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  • ifunk

    So I learned to swim last year and it took me about 9 weeks to consider myself a swimmer from not being able to swim at all. I learned in stages, mainly from youtube videos for tips, but the biggest tip I got was from a friend and that was learning to float on your back. Once you can trust that, you can easily learn to tread water and then just float when you get tired, these two things will give you the confidence to know you are safe in the water no matter how deep it is, from there, simming strokes are just practice. However, once you have managed to learn a stroke to an extent yourself, then, swimming lessons become very useful as they will help you become fluent. I now swim twice a week without fail and I love it.


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  • kiaazad

    these days you can learn anything on youtube, however, after few videos you need to test what you’ve learned in the water.


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