Q. Where do broken hearts go?

A good talk is everything.

Where do broken hearts go?

Not all good things last. Relationships are not an exception. We get our hearts broken, mend the things that can be mended and move on. But to which path? We shall give an answer to the late Whitney Houston’s hit Tell me your thoughts.






Apr, 2018

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  • kirti

    it depends where you want to take them, to start a new relationship or to live all life thinking about the one who broke your heart


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  • pearljam

    Broken Hearts......

    Firstly, I will go too listen the track…”BROKEN By Seether “.

    Firstly, i wanted to control myself from this emotionally breakdown phase.
    Later on....I will try to Live my life in a new manner because of demands of both sides.

    I never wanted to hurt anymore…

    So, Move On…as time go on......


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  • virgo214

    It does find its way home.
    Love is waiting til you’re ready. til it’s right. (Love is waiting by Brooke Fraser) You may want to check this out. :)


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