Q. What are your thoughts about social media's influence on youngsters?

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What are your thoughts about social media's influence on youngsters?

Social media is a tool for the spread of communication, information and entertainment. Many forms of social media have become a widespread phenomenon in this generation. Parents’ group make a fuss over the negative influences the latter causes while for some, its use is necessary. Moreover, how does the use of social media become abusive?






Apr, 2018

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  • pandora

    Social media has enormously influenced every age group. Not just youngsters but I believe each one of us must be conscious about the usage of social media platforms. We see kids investing a lot of time in playing games, adults keep posting selfies with dog and pig face filters and grownups use social media to gossip. We must all be aware of the correct usage and purpose of the social media.


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  • jackjohn

    While clickbait may generate short-term views youtube growth services, it can damage a creator’s reputation and result in a loss of trust from their audience.


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  • pmahajan18

    It’s totally distorted the carrier of youngsters. Even the youngsters are not feels it at all. The youngsters are chatting with each other through the media platform and thus time is wasted in unproductive things. This time is actually required to build the carrier in that peak period. So I am not in favor of a any social media platform for youngsters. I am in favor of friends those are physically available.


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  • kiaazad

    I’d say there’s not much harm in using social media if the parrents explain them to their kids properly and make sure they’re not wasting too much of their time on getting likes instead of learning an actual skill.
    it is a part of the future as much as roads and cars where for previous generations, they too had benefits and pitfalls, kids just need to know about them.


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