Q. Where in this dimension, can we find solace?

You can stay or stay away.

Where in this dimension, can we find solace?

Comfort and Solace

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Apr, 2018

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  • fernie305

    I totally agree! solace and comfort are a DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) process. If you know what kindles your interest, this must be easy. If you happen to like listening to music, for example, take the interest a notch higher. Create or play some. Challenge yourself and do adventures. Know your happy. Be in love. Forgive and be forgiven. Comfort and solace will be felt when your heart is clean.


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  • kirti

    theres no dimension where you can find solace, you have to create it yourself in this life itself. you have to create it in this miserable life where you struggle alot but still create a dimension of solace. maybe meditation has the power to do it


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