Q. Is it okay to marry someone you don't love at all?

Is it okay to marry someone you don't love at all?

I am just thinking what if someone will keep pushing himself/herself to a person who doesn’t really love him/her and being with him/her with the rest of his/her life. :(

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Apr, 2018

  • pearljam

    Okay....Not very anamolous.

    In India, it is normal.
    To share life, it is not necessary to have first love then marriage.....

    It can be first marriage, then love..

    The most imp thing to love, that is trust.

    Trust can be built before or after marriage.


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  • fernie305

    I would say marry someone you do not love at all in a land where there is divorce so when you get sick, you will be free. haha


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  • kiaazad

    I would say no to the whole concept of marriage because it seems meaningless. however if you both agree that it’s meaningless and there’s a benefit in it why not? every aspect of a marriage can be seen as a room mate situation, even sex without love is just another form of masturbation.
    imagine you have fallen in love with somebody you can’t have and use the person you’ve married to as a tool for physical pleasure, just be honest with your partner about it and don’t let him/her think otherwise.


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  • kirti

    YES, love is not the only thing you see to marry a guy or a girl, arrange marriages also happen in this world where your parents fix a girl for you and you have to marry her, they wont even ask you that you wanna marry or not (happens in some traditional places in india), so there will be no love in your life ? ofcourse you can love the one ur married even after marriage. The love which happens in your teenage and the promises you do to marry and live together in ur teenage is NOT love, thats just foolishness by kids.
    it is okay to marry a person you dont love at all, if a person has a good heart and if he/she respects you as ur life partner then you should love him/her back, why not !


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  • virgo214

    The question and the description seem to contradict.
    Who doesn’t love who?
    However, If he doesn’t love you anymore but he’s willing to marry you for the sake of ‘marrying’ then there is no reason for you to stay because no matter how much you love that person, if you are the only one doing the effort..you’ll surely come to the point of giving up.
    Just imagine a car with only one headlight..
    No matter how painful it may seem, just go your own way. If he doesn’t love you anymore so that’s it! :)
    Why the eff marry and suffer for someone who doesn’t love you? what a LOL! :)

    p>s THANKS for editing :D


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