Q. Why are cigars/cigarettes available?

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Why are cigars/cigarettes available?

It is believed and proven that smoking causes various types of adverse health effects. Non-smokers often say that smoking does no good. Smokers say that this is a good way to relieve themselves from stress but a couple of years ago, scientists found out that this is not true.The body’s nicotine intake, especially if the body is used to it, dictates a person to go get a stick of this substance and smoke. Thus, it requires so much discipline when one decides to quit. Should or shouldn’t this be available?






Apr, 2018

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  • kirti

    because government cannot stop cigrette mnufacturint, if it will stop it then people will start making cigrettes in their homes and grow tobacco in their homes itself, and growint tobacco is not a CRIME, growing afeem is crime


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  • james99

    The Marlboro brand was founded in the 1920s in Richmond, Virginia. I think the name of this brand is known even to non-smokers. The price for a pack (14 pounds) is clearly not humane, even making a huge allowance for the fact that this is England. I think the demand for such a price should be appropriate.
    I must say that cheap duty free cigarettes leave positive impressions. Soft and tasteless, it feels like they do not even reach their not the highest declared indicators. It cannot be compared with the American ones, and even if the Russian ones are superior, then not by much. Some strange tobacco, as if damp, and this is not a marriage. The paper also seems to be saturated with moisture, and this, of course, worsens the already not very pleasant taste. Obviously not worth the money.


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  • kalezboncak

    Yes guys! Nicotine is not good for us and can cause lungs problem. We can use Airistech Herbva Dry herb vaporizer which gives pure and clean taste.


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  • chris

    Because it’s one of the most taxed product (like alcohol), meaning that governments make a lot of money out of it, so why not allowing it ? If people are sick because of it they will make more money again when those people will buy pills and treatments, double profit for the government. Plus it give people some works (nurses, doctors, paramedic industry, …) so it’s a triple gain for them.

    Do you believe the legalization of cannabis is something else? Nope. They found a way to legalize it officially without being seen as dealer (it’s for medical reason, scientists have made researches, … bla bla bla), they can make money out of it so they start to not see it as illegal like before (legalization is on the run in USA, Canada and other countries, that will be allowed everywhere in 10 years from now probably).

    It’s just money. The health of people ? Not their concern.


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  • kiaazad

    it is up there with other drugs that are illegal in term of damages, but making it illegal just makes the situation worse like what happened with the other drugs, it’s not that wise to expand the market of drug trafficers to another substance.
    we should make everything legal instead and try to direct all of the efforst towards teaching people right and wrong from the young age.


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  • hades

    Smoking is a big market, it has it’s own legal mafia


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Try to imagine yourself you're in hallucination due to some sort of illegal drug intake. Or, trying to stop yourself from logging in to your gaming account but your fingers are fidgeting and you feel like jerking around. Addiction. It's not limited to illegal drug intake in the society but it can be anything or activities that pull you hard to it like gaming, alcohol, caffeine, and smoking. Most of the ideas that say something about addiction are always negative because of the irresponsibility of the people involved. Some don't know the way out; some don't know how to make a good use of it.

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