Q. Should there be national lotteries?

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Should there be national lotteries?

If a person who supports the national lottery through participation wins, that person can become an instant millionaire. However, a lot of undesired cases had happened. Partial money from this goes to charitable organizations to give assistance to people but greedy government officials corrupt leading to this department as one of the most corrupted. People risk money for that little chance of winning. Conflicts also happens when someone wins. What are your thoughts on this?






Apr, 2018

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  • hasnain

    Lotteries have always been loved as they are the short cut to earn instant cash, Grand dragon lotto allows you to earn some instant cash based on your luck and also provides lottery results daily.


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  • jessajoy17

    Lotteries are big businesses throughout the world. It intends to raise money for the enormous costs of building ships, developing ports and etc. It maximises the enjoyment and benefits that the Lottery brings to the Nation.


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