Q. What are your thoughts on Qurito?


What are your thoughts on Qurito?

Qurito is surely an upcoming revolution which is looking forward to bring disruption in Knowledge-base space. What are your thoughts on such a unique platform?






Apr, 2018

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  • chris

    Like Awad I believe Qurito could be a great opponent to Quora. The rewards via token, the security, the dencetralization, … are great and make lot of sense. But the main problem will be to make people leave other Q&A websites to bring the value here and without a great marketing it will be hard, especially now that lots of people still don’t know what cryptos or blockchains are.

    So it could be a big hit but it will probably take some times. And competition can appear from nowhere ;)

    From my personnal point of view I’d like to see more languages, especially mine (french) so I plan to write lots of Q&A and polls in french and will speak about Qurito around me. I believe every one of us need to add his own value, even at a very low level.


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  • ethan48

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  • pearljam

    Qurito has to spread advertisement. i think it is out of the sight of many people.

    If Qurito run for a mile…It will go for thousand miles.....And if it would be load runner.......Absolutely, it will beat the bucks and will explode BOOM BOOOOM BBBOOOOOOOMMMMM


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  • ronnie

    Qurito is a great concept, and an exciting new competitor to Quora. It’s still in the early stages, so I suggest it needs more marketing and some added features to make it more inviting to post questions and polls for the members.


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  • doru

    I see day by day small steps! They need to be more active with the marketing, but I think, they know what they do! Keeping the user informed about the progress will bring a positive note :-)


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  • 9lives

    I kind of liked the concept of Quora, so naturally I really like the idea of this. But knowing shit like Steemit will have to see how & where this one develops. Hope for the best :)


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  • mefjiu

    The platform itself is interesting. I wonder how it will develop.


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  • awad7

    Without the payment system based on the Quro’s, Qurito isn’t much different than Quora for example.

    So to have an answer on Qurito as a whole, I think we should use it as a whole.

    With the payment method implemented I believe Qurito has a lot of potential to be the number one Q&A platform.


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  • fernie305

    Things here require you to be logically creative and I like the challenge. This one is for people who enjoy profound conversations and some silly Q&As are fun, too. We were brought up differently and Qurito users unknowingly help each other in understanding the vast world around us through great exchanging of ideas. Nice one, Qurito!


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  • kirti

    since i started using qurito, i must say i am enjoying myself posting questions and answers on it, the polls feature is also unique and cool, one will never get bored using qurito, i think i should be more on this website and i am sure in future it will be an amazing platform to learn new things.


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