Q. How/Why does not forgiving become a sin?

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How/Why does not forgiving become a sin?

In a societal standard, not forgiving is regarded a deviant act. Do you agree?






Apr, 2018

  • vaibhavi

    Forgivance is seen as a trait of strong people.
    To let go and move on is not easy.
    More than what Forgiving does to the guilty; it does for you (the forgiver).
    By letting a grudge go away you can take the burden off your self.
    But there are acts that can not be forgiven, they aren’t mistakes but crime and are not less than a sin.
    Acts like the murder or rape, they can’t be forgiven.


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  • nishant.j.goswami

    I Do not agree.

    If you understand any religion, Forgivness is consider as one of the best practise. if we dont follow it is not sin.
    But, the Way civilization is structured, Hypothetically, it is consider one should/must forgive. So, a person can move on with big heart.

    It is individuals choice to forgive or not. Every individual has right to choose their standerds.

    “Forgive and Forget, but make them in to the list” is my way of living. that does not mean you have to follow the same.

    Society is what we are and Religion is what we Understand.


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  • mwk683

    If you are Christian, it would be because you are forgiven, therefore you should forgive.


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  • kiaazad

    I don’t care what society says, forgiving or not is up to me and my right to choose either. I should mention I don’t beleive in sin either. I beleive in the right thing to do, and often forgiving is not the right thing to do.
    for example, I never forgave a friend who stole from me then lied about it because he never tried to compensate for what he stole, that’s a case that forgiving leads to people develope a bad habit


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