Q. What does the fox say?

A good talk is everything.

What does the fox say?

Waking up in the morning knowing that you need to go to work is somewhat depressing. What’s the best way to be more motivated?






Apr, 2018

  • chris

    The best way to have the motivation to go to work or just to wake up is .... to do what you dream about, easy. Do your dream job.

    And if you are not doing it, try to find ways to come closer to what you really want. Like they say, you’re not a tree so you can move. Try to find another job in your free time, learn new skills, etc. When you’ll find what you are really here to do, everything will be easier, you’ll have a hard time to stop what you are doing because you really enjoy it and you’ll be pissed to go to sleep, waiting the next morning to wake up and start doing what you love again.


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  • yamaitropvioreenlack

    Our soul is tired. Our body listens. Hence, the disappearance of motivation. How do we rekindle the motivation we once had? Or have we ever found one in the first place? Hahahaha X


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  • kiaazad

    think money, if money can’t motivate you, nothing else can.


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  • kirti

    well nothing will motivate you in the morning, m saying my personal experience, to kill ur sleep you need to put ur alarm clock or mobile phone at a distance from you so that you will HAVE to wake up, walk a little to close the alarm, i hope this will help you wake up in morning. or else you can make a hot steam machine which puts steam on ur legs to wake you up.


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