Q. Is restorative justice necessary?

A good talk is everything.

Is restorative justice necessary?

Restorative justice is a practice of making the violator meet their victim in order to repair some of the damages done by the crime. This is a much simplified definition of this process. Share your thoughts below.






Apr, 2018

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  • kiaazad

    the last thing a victim needs is a visit from the offender. I’d say it not a good idea unless the victim asks for it.


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  • virgo214

    Not sure about it. Depends on the degree of the crime commited, maybe. If it was rape, I don’t think there’s something to be restored in that. The suspect might get a number of years to spend in the jail and be released after. Yet the trauma and shame it cause to the victim won’t be mended.


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Revolt, scandals, corruptions are few among the list of current affairs in every country. It is dangerous to be ignorant of the current affairs. Yet, nowadays, how can we be sure that the information or news that media deliver is valid and reliable? We have witnessed lots of misleading information that are aired by media on TV and other platforms. Sometimes, lots of relevant claims happen after the investigations are carried through; or sometimes after the media men have done their part. Not to raise any conflict, sometimes it’s done for the sake of having a scoop for the day along with the tough competition between the media and entertaining groups.
What exactly is happening around us? Who’s and why’s? Can media really be truthful in bringing us the reliable source of information? Are they paid off by elites in the society and control the news that needs to be released? Are we all a victim of manipulation in and out of politics? We demand that current affairs be transparent and media be responsible of the current news they deliver.

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