Q. How does bitcoin work?

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How does bitcoin work?

I am looking for people who have experienced how this works and tell me how promising it is for investment. Also, I’d like to know how to have this and some cons I must face in the future if I venture into this.






Apr, 2018

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  • money

    bitcoin is a database of transactions that records who gave who some bitcoin, and everybody have or can have a copy of it
    for investment, it gains value the more people use it, it wouldn’t hurt to have some, just don’t spend all of your money on it


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    Bitcoin is the biggest crypto currency till now, it works on a system clled blockchain, bitcoin is just a game of demand and supply, if the demand will be more for bitcoin then its rate will go higher or it will fall down, but the risk is very much high in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency because you cn never assume what will happen next.


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Cryptocurrency is a secure, trustful and transparent digital currency which can neither be counterfeited nor be reversed arbitrarily by the sender. It eliminates the necessity of a third party involvement for the exchange, as it is encrypted and peer-to-peer virtual currency. For those who prefer non-disclosure and privacy, cryptocurrency is the solution. The use of this kind of virtual currency prevents any kind of identity theft. The concept of cryptocurrency has given birth to reliable e-cash.

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