Q. What would you personally consider to be the definitive proof that ghosts are real?

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What would you personally consider to be the definitive proof that ghosts are real?

Videos about paranormal activities are everywhere. Are they even real or just made up, I dunno..

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Apr, 2018

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  • sguenther40

    My Reasoning when answering your question:

    When I think about the ever expanding universe and all of the unkwnons that we still have about it, I can’t help but think that thre are elements of our lives that we simply cannot understand and may not ever know the answers to, one of which is what happens to a human’s soul after death.

    Taking a holistic view when answering your question:

    I believe that there are people who are able to see and communicate with the dead. I also believe that the majority of people alive today are unable to communicate with or see the dead. As a result of the discrepency, I believe that the majority of people will always disbelieve in the existence fo spirits (ghosts), however that does not mean that they do not exist.


    I would like to believe that once we die, many of our questions will be answered. Most importantly, in that case we will find out what happens to the human soula fter death which will answer your question definitively.


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  • iam_rock

    Ghost are real and the real name is jinn (hidden from sight). The world of the jinn is an independent and separate world, with its own distinct nature and features that are hidden from the world of humans. Jinns and humans have some things in common, such as the possession of understanding and the choice between the way of good and the way of evil. God has created different type of jinns among them are some who can take on different forms, such as dogs and snakes; some who are like flying winds with wings; and some who can travel and rest.


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  • money

    they’re all fake, real things can be tested, measured and proven to exist, don’t you think if such a thing did really exist all of scientists would rush to get some data on them?
    in all of those claims look for the person whom is making money behind the curtains.


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  • fernie305

    I’d like to believe it if I experience it firsthand… uhm, wait, oh! I’m good.


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  • kirti

    They are all REAL, Ghosts really exists, i have experienced ghosts many times. There are many proofs of ghosts sightings and also there are videos of ghosts, i am not saying all on youtube are real, bt those who are logical are real, those videos in which you will see just stuff throwing from here and there are fake ofcourse. witches also exists. there are many places in world which are restricted to humans after sunset, you are not allowed to go there, people have told that they have seen strange things and heard sound of something very weird. so i believe ghosts really exists.


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