Q. When are we going to see black as black without negative connotations or any strong revolution?

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When are we going to see black as black without negative connotations or any strong revolution?

We thought the battle was over. The norms were broken. We are free, aren’t we?
We read and studied history, did we learn something? I hope so.
In case you were sleeping in your class, here’s a powerful book/ movie that made a difference.
Change begins with a whishper. Change begins with you.






Apr, 2018

  • fernie305

    This is a stigma that is close to being unbreakable. Discrimination against skin color has been passed from generation to generation. I believe that it is important to educate ourselves and other people that if you prefer black or white, it is important to be discrete not to violate or hurt the other in any way possible. Everyone who did no wrong deserves equal treatment and by everyone I mean, everyone. Imagine discrimination is done against you.


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  • money

    I don’t see color… I see money.


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  • Anonymous

    why should we teach our children the difference between white and black people, why should we teach them black is ugly and white is pretty, we wont teach them this and they wouldnt know whats discrimination.


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  • kiaazad

    as long as there’s visible difference between humans, people would act different toward different people. all we can do is to accept that these differences exist but they shouldn’t effect the rights and the rules, the rules are the same for everyone.


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