Q. Do we really need to be happy all the time?

Do we really need to be happy all the time?

these days everything and everyone works towards forcing us to be happy, do we really need to fight out anger and sadness with drugs and therapy?

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Apr, 2018

  • hendry

    We only have one lifetime then why not stay happy as much as we can.
    Why will anyone willing choose not to be happy?
    Obviously, it is life and no two days can be the same but that doesn’t mean we give up on being happy.
    There is no person that has been happy from the moment of birth to the last breath; our first emotion in the world comes along with the first cry.
    Without sadness we can never value happiness so, it is good to be sad or angry sometimes.
    People insist on being happy as it is the key to a healthy life.
    This life is precious and the only way of living it to the fullest is by living happily and making others happy.


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  • billionairebitclub

    Not at all. We have a wide range of emotions and should experience them all somewhat regularly. They help release certain chemicals into our bodies. The key is balance.


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  • fernie305

    Every emotion deserves to be felt. In Paulo Coelho’s Veronika Decides to Die, Veronika overdosed herself with sleeping pills though she lives an enviably almost perfect life, found herself having a weak heart in a mental institution. She found out that she never allowed herself feel different emotions but it was too late for her for she’s dying. What we chase is happiness and that should be prevalent but we owe ourselves pain, crying over sorrow, falling in love and get broken, laughing over silly jokes and even feeling stupid when we commit mistakes and be angry over something for we need to express what is needed to be expressed, feel what we is needed to be felt and learn what is needed to be learned.


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