Q. How would you choose to die?

A good talk is everything.

How would you choose to die?

We will all die, arent we?






Apr, 2018

  • vaibhavi

    I would want a natural death and not some accidental or a painful death.
    Also, what can be better than saying goodbye to the world while being surrounded by the most important people in your life, so I’d choose to die when I am in front of my family and friends.


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  • money

    enjoying the last rays of the last star from my dyson sphere


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  • batbane

    ooh, its a pretty interesting question
    i would only say that we dont know how are we going to die, but if theres an option to choose our death, then i would choose to die falling from burj khalifa, I JUST LOVE HEIGHTS.


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  • kirti

    i would choose a very simple death, no painful at all, natural death is my first preference. we can just talk about ti but we cannot choose our death, it will happen when the time comes, nd we will never know when it is going to come, i wish if i can just die and come back in few minutes, i wanna know how it feels.


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We can define life through experiences and still can't find the exact word to say what life really is. Messy? Complicated? Roller coaster ride? Meaningless? or just not being dead? Philosophy suggests that there's an invisible bond that interconnects all the living. Most of us are still bugged about how life started and what's next after life. There is more to life that just merely exist. No one can figure out what exactly it is because no one knows the purpose behind this. All we can do is to live it to the fullest. It is too short; don't make it shorter.

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