Q. Are humans meant to eat animals?

Are humans meant to eat animals?

Are we carnivorous by nature or is this built in by habit and society throughout the ages? We can survive perfectly by eating vegetables and plants alone. Milk and eggs should also be aloud. Just the exception of meat from animals. I think we would do just fine and that we definetely NOT need meat in our daily foodprogramme. I even think I can go a little further and say that we would probably be more healthy if we stopped eating meat. Good for karma AND good for body.






Apr, 2018

  • dippetrocum

    I don’t agree, because there are still others


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  • aaron

    After much research over the years due to being raised a vegetarian and encountering many meat eaters trying to convince me that my diet was lacking(to which no evidence was offered), I have come to the conclusion that our physiology/digestive tract/system is primarily suited to a diet of fruit. Fruitarian! Though the majority of human beings dont live in environments most able to provide the fresh, ripe fruits our bodies require.


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  • virgo214

    I dont believe that humans are carnivorous by nature. I grew up to know that we are omnivores. I must agree that what we are doing to survive is influenced by the beliefs and culture that our society has. Even if we go back in the timeline with the early humans, they hunted animals and they grow crops for food. True that nowadays, we can say that it’s healthier for us to eat vegetables it is because most animals are fed with feeds. Unlike before, animals can just roam around eating plants and hunted by people.


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  • piotrkarol

    we shouldnt eat meat at all.its idea of the modern world what we know.
    we are not predators.we just act like that.
    our body is design to eat fruits and vegies


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  • figsterp

    Humans can survive without eating animals however eating animals are what sped up our evolution and the development of the human brain. First came fire then cooking meat then came big brains. Now we have the intellegence to eat vegan diets but without devouring animals in the beginning we might still be swinging from trees. Running Marathons are also an example of our genetics to eat meat. The ability to run for 26miles allowed early humans to chase down and wear out their prey. No other species can accomplish this feat. Although you may have “feelings” for animals now without the consumption of meat you wouldn’t be writing this blurb.


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  • absolutgus

    I read in a book once that if humans were natural carnivores, uninfluenced by culture, then there would be no need to cook meat for it to appeal to us. We would salivate at the sight of blood, perhaps like that on fresh roadkill like other natural carnivores do. I wonder how much less meat was consumed by the ancients before harnessing the power of fire to cook.


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  • fernie305

    I believe that who humans generally are how we were brought up- by various culture, tradition, customs and beliefs. Why do most people eat beef and chicken, for example, and not feed on cats and dogs when all these are animals? They taught us that dogs and cats are cute and beef and chicken are food without further explanation. Now I cannot blame myself from having satisfaction in meat.


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