Q. Why does discrimination exist?

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Why does discrimination exist?

All of us have flaws and all of us do not want to be disfavored. Why do we deviate on Confucius’ golden rule?






Apr, 2018

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  • maanya

    Discrimination is the fossilized toxin that is passed on the generations. Children learn from their parents and when they see their parents behaving indecently with specific type of people, they start doing the same and it never stops. The concept of discrimination has germinated from the human tendency to consider them to be superior to the rest. People who discriminate portray shallow mentalities. May god bless them!


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Each of us has his own philosophy in life. We live by those terms every day. The world is full of mysteries and questions like life does. In the never ending search for the meaning of life and how to deal with it, many philosophers seek knowledge to give us an answer. A part of philosophy explains an invisible bond shared by everyone in this world. Simply saying that whatever you do affects someone around you. It sounds more like a story in a movie but, yes philosophy is always applied in it. It's a broad topic to begin with and the simple philosophy to live by is to always choose the brighter side.

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